The Facts:

Searching for scholarships is hard work. Many of the scholarships from those mega search sites, like Fastweb, have thousands of students applying.

Filling out scholarships forms is even more work. Even if you find a scholarship, it may not match what you are looking for.

You don't have the time or patience to hunt down scholarships.

So how do you find all those scholarships that go unmatched every year?


The Solution: Scholarship Hunter

With Scholarship Hunter, we do the all the work:

-College scholarships

-Graduate school scholarships

-Professional school scholarships

We send our scholarship blood hounds to work tracking down only those scholarships that are a good fit, then we rank them based on the likelihood of you receiving that award. We can even fill out the scholarship forms for you! It's like having your own personal scholarship genie.

As an added bonus, if you sign up now, we will send you a list of the top three colleges that you should check out based on your profile information using our college match-maker tool. (For those applying to college.)

Also, once you register, you will receive a copy of Navigating the Financial Aid Maze. This book outlines all the pitfalls and offers pin-point guidance on how to maximize obtaining financial aid.

Remember: The awards we locate for you are not just listing of scholarships found on all those mega search sites, these are a scholarships with limited applicants and are selected based on the personalized information provided through your profile. And don't forget: We can even fill out the scholarship forms for you if you want!

To take advantage of this offer, simply click on the Submit Button below. As a bonus, we will even provide you with the top three schools you should attend using our College Hunter software program at no additional cost!

After you register, go to the scholarship tab for more info on how to use the service.




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"One of the most heartbreaking things is to have a student who cannot afford to attend the college of their dreams because of a lack of financial aid. Any site that can assist students with finding and obtaining scholarships for students should be fully supported," J.R, Department of Admissions, Sacred Heart University

"I tried Fastweb and a few other sites but it was way too complicated. Now I use Scholarship Hunter and I have a really good shot at a few great scholarships," Gabrielle, high school junior

"The key to getting a scholarship is time and effort. Students typically don't have the time to devote to this most important aspect of their college experience. Having someone to help can make all the difference," R.S, high school guidance counselor

"I couldn't find anything on my own and couldn't afford grad school without financial aid. Having someone who knew how to find scholarship money was an unbelievable find. They even gave me a money back guarantee," R.T., graduate school student, Westchester Medical College